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Who we are.

Incorporated in December 2013, ETATech3D Limited is an innovative Canadian entrepreneurial enterprise capable of delivering a common set of three dimensional (3D) technology related professional services, physical products and solutions to a wide range of customers.  


Founder and owner David Durand brings to the business 30+ years of in-house and consultative experience in design engineering, enterprise information technology, model based definition and LEAN manufacturing.  This experience was gained across multiple business environments ranging from small “boutique” enterprise software providers to large aerospace and defence component manufacturers.  Large or small, business or personal, we strive to understand your requirement in order to provide the most efficient and effective scanning, imaging and/or printing solution. 

What we do.

ETATech3D Limited specializes in providing 3D scanning, imaging and printing solutions for industrial, commercial and consumer level clients.   A detailed description can be found on the Services and Applications pages of this site.

Where it can be done

Our base of operation is located just north of Brantford, Ontario, Canada

For most projects where 3D scanning is required, we come to your location. Our "local" travel area is the Golden Horseshoe and points west into South-Central Ontario but we can visit any location in Canada.

3D image processing may be performed on or off-site as required by the client.  The resulting model files can be exchanged electronically.

Physical 3D printed objects can be delivered directly to your facility/home or picked-up by an authorized person at a pre-arranged location or event.



When we do it.

We will do our very best to accommodate your schedule requirements.  On-site appointments should be scheduled a minimum of one day in advance to ensure that we have the required equipment available and that any preparatory set-up recommendations have been communicated.

Initial industrial and commercial visits will be preceded by correspondence that will allow us to understand and comply with your site’s logistical/safety policies and (if required) review the terms and conditions of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Consumer focused scanning sessions are generally conducted at pre-scheduled public events communicated via the News & Events page on this site.  Private individual or group scanning sessions may also be arranged.  

How it's done

Every customer/group engagement is managed as a separate project in accordance to our standardized process (workflow).    For industrial and commercial level projects, all remote data file communication is performed via a secure, password protected Podio collaborative workspace.  For consumer level projects, data file communication to individuals can be via secure drop-box or physical media as requested.



Why we do what we do.

Apart from the obvious business reasons, 3D scanning, imaging and printing technology gives rise to a virtually limitless scope of opportunities to help a business or individual improve their environment.  Whether it is helping a company accelerate the introduction of a new product, providing digital molds for the creation of a prosthetic limb or preserving the form of a loved one, pet or treasured object, we look forward to helping you transform your vision into reality.


Mission & Values